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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

pulau jerejak trip 16th Jan 2010

Freddy, Eddie, HuiXin and I went to Pulau Jerejak last Saturday for a little getaway.
Pulau Jerejak is an island somewhere across the sea from Queensbay Mall.

They have activities like Flying Fox, Jungle trekking, Obstacles, Wall climbing and archery. Their other facilities/attractions include the swimming pool access, detention center, Suspension bridge, cycling and buffet lunch. It was a day trip and it only cost RM60/person including the return ferry fare.

While waiting for the ferry to come ship us to Pulau Jerejak from the ferry terminal nearby Queensbay Mall on a sunny morning.

Board the ferry at about 11.30 am and the ride took about 10 minutes.
Saw an Anwar-lookalike on board. Lol.

Went for a dip in the pool before heading to the SANTAPAN area for our buffet lunch.

After the heavy lunch, we went for archery. We had to take turns to shoot.
Freddy went first.

I was the last one in our group and none of my arrows hit the board. Lol.

Next was the wall climbing! While waiting for the wall-climbing, took some photos around the cycling area.

Ok, so, this is the wall. Looks easy but it's actually not!
At least to us, newbies. :D
Freddy was so excited he kept calling himself "Spidey" before climbing up. He was the first one to go. Look at the clown. Lol.

But.... after going up a bit, he was already shouting for the person-in-charge to let him down. LOL! Everyone laughed of the "Spidey" for giving up so soon. Next up, Eddie.
Not bad! He almost reached the top.

HuiXin and I were next. We went up together.

I reached higher than Freddy a bit while HuiXin almost reached the top.
The "Spidey" didn't want me to do better than him and requested for another attempt.
Up he went and he almost reached the top as well. Just a few steps ahead of me. HAHA.



Immediately after, we have to walk up a hill for Flying Fox. Damn tiring. It seemed like our feet were reluctant to support the heavy bodies anymore... Fast forward and there we were. Crossing the Suspension Bridge. Only 5 at a time.

Flying Fox next! It's somewhere across the bridge.

It was FUN!!

None of us bother to play "Obstacles" and "Jungle Trekking" on the way down the hill after our Flying Fox session.

After getting drinks from the resort's lobby, these people fell asleep on the sofa.
I'm glad they didn't snore. HAHA.

psst... a few flies flew into his mouth blindly! XD

I read the newspaper while letting the exhausted ones to re-charge their energies.

Woke them up after about 20 minutes and went for pool-dipping immediately after as they didn't want to visit the detention center due to exhaustion.
I didn't join in the fun in the pool though... Cos I'm having the time of the month.
Bad experience with tampon in the morning, so by the pool I sat, watching them had fun!
Cycling next. Didn't take any pictures. I can still cycle after all these years!!!

Time to leave now. It's 7.30pm.

That's a fun trip. Will definitely go again. Planning with friends :-)


  1. let's travel together next time~
    u look shinning and pretty in those pictures~
    long time din c u this leng lui le~
    miss ya^^

  2. hahahahaha! thank you, you two! :)

    yes yan, should get together some time! but you're in kl:(


  3. me le??sob sob..T.T

  4. can i know how much have u spent for the day trip???

  5. hi there, i spent only rm60 per person then. dinner was not included, so if you'd like to dine or put up a night at pulau jerejak, then it will definitely cost more. dinner cost about rm 70 if not mistaken. hope that helps :)
    it was a fun trip.

  6. Hi, can i know where do you buy the entrance ticket???

  7. Hi, Sun rise, I bought the tickets at the jetty itself. There are counters there. :)