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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

27th birthday

Thank you to all my friends and family who took the time off their busy schedules to spend time with me. After all these years, you people have never left me and still love me enough to do the things that you did. Thank you very much.

I love you all. 

On a side note, this is the first time that I've received return air tickets as a birthday gift. Thank you, N Jie and Pung Pung!

Also, I have joined gym (again) beginning of May. I will definitely show off my abs when she finally decided to show up.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Right vs wrong

Don't play with fire, they say.
You will get burnt, they say. 

But damnit. It feels good.

P.s. When it burns, you just have to bear with the pain stemmed from your own stupidity. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

6 months down the road

Just read the last blog post- and that was almost a year ago. 
Time to update this blog!

The universe reacts to every single step we take along the way. If only I hadn't done the stupid thing I did during the last post, I wouldn't have met this guy whom I claimed to be my boyfriend, after two years of staying single. Reason for staying single; I was not ready for another relationship. I felt like there are lots of self improvements which I will have to commit and achieve before I can feel confident again.

Fast forward to October, I met him. 
Mind you, I'm not planning to tell you how wonderful and awesome I think he was.
What I want to say is that life sometimes changes so fast with twisted plots. I wouldn't have thought that I will fall in love with someone else so soon.. Especially knowing that I have been building barriers around me where nobody would even attempt to break them. And for the wrong guy again. Time and time again. I put my heart out for people who wouldn't appreciate me.

At first I was kinda skeptical that I will ever learn any lessons from failed relationships. Surprisingly, this time I do.
I know what type of partner I am looking for, when to let go and when to trust a person with the duty of guarding your 
Heart. I still have lots to say- but I just fell asleep and woke up to say goodnight to all of you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

reminiscing part 34/575

Suddenly missing bro surfing the net/gaming while listening to cantopops at home. How I wish I can turn back time and just stay at home again, feeling protected and have lesser worries.
Miss chillaxing with MH in the study. Miss playing "harimau & kambing" with N jie and neighbours. What a kampung life I had when growing up. Galah panjang, getah tangan, batu seremban..etc. Hanging out at Renu/Teh's place and them at mine. Such good life, and I kinda threw everything away with all the bad choices I made in life, 26 and yet still making mistakes like a kid.

I feel that I am lucky to always be blessed with good people around me who get me out of the mess I got myself into. Only until I got hit really hard in the face will I wake up and steer myself away from further damage.

Such a fool, mt. Life could have been good but you threw it all away. All I can do is console myself; this too shall pass. Just gotta be wiser and always weigh the pros and cons before acting on it. I'm the type of person who will just follow what the heart says, and sometimes, blindly. Lesson learnt.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I'm scared..

Of many things. Among them being the departure of loved ones. My fragile heart will not be able to take it. 
Death is so cruel to the people who are blessed enough to still be around, yet condemned to heartbreaks while reminiscing the good and bad times they had with the departed loved ones. 
In my opinion, untimely death is the worst of all. You did not get to say a proper goodbye, you did not manage to complete the things that you promised you'd do, you wish you made peace the night before, and you wish it was you instead. I'm really scared of starting a new relationship (be it friendship or romance) for fear of getting too close to that somebody and this kind of tragedy happens to me. Why worry when I can't change the fate you said. Worrying reminds me to appreciate the people whom I love and care. 
How many years more before I had to say goodbye to my parents and aunts? I'm sad that we are such emotional creatures which I wish I am not. But then again, it's love that keeps us going on. My heart and mind are in a mess now. Time to call the parents. :(

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kick datang

Despite being busy at work, my life is much more balanced now. Everything is still not perfect yet but I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

I wish for happiness and health for everyone that I know and care of, esp mh. Being so far away worries us more if you are unhappy. Hopefully things will take a better turn for you soon. 

Sometimes when a situation gets out of hand, we just need to have faith that whatever the outcome is, it is always the best that could happen. That's how I console myself whenever I feel helpless and sad. Wounds will heal in time. Scars will fade away. I promise you, mt. Always be strong and guard your heart.